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nanocrystalline ribbon

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Nanocrystalline Ribbon 1K107
Fe-based Nanocrystalline Ribbon has the properties of high saturation magnetization and permeability, low coercive force and core loss, good stabilities on temperature and time effect, excellent abilities of anti-wearing and anti-rusty, and it shows the best property-value ratio among all of the soft magnetic materials

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Nanocrystalline Ribbon

Nanocrystalline ribbon have excellent characteristics such as high saturation magnetic induction intensity, high magnetic permeability, low coercivity, low loss and good stability, high strength and toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can replace silicon steel, permalloy and ferrite to become medium and high Ideal material for frequency transformers, transformers, and inductance components.


1, High saturation magnetic induction

2, High permeability

3, Low coercivity

4, Excellent stability


Application area  

1,Made common mode chokes instead of Co-based amorphous,silicon steel sheet,ferrite,permalloy

2, Differential mode filter inductance

3, High-frequency switching power supply

4, High frequency inverter

5, Zero-sequence current transformer, magnetic amplifier,etc.

1K107/1K107B Nanocrystalline strip properties and indexes

Item Numerical value
Material Composition FeCuNbSiB
strip thickness tolerance(mm) 32±2
Magnetic strength B800 ≥1.2T
Curie temperature(oC)  570oC
crystallization temperature  500oC
Saturation magnetostriction coefficient  2×10-6 
Initial permeability μi ≥80000
Maximum permeability um ≥500000
Densityg/cm³  7.2
electrical resistivity(μΩ.cm)  130
Lamination factor  ≥0.8
Coercivity Hc ≤1A/m
Magnetic permeability μ (1kHz) ≥70000
Magnetic permeability μ (10kHz) ≥60000
Magnetic permeability μ (100kHz) ≥10000
Operating Temperature Range -50~120
1K107 Nano-crystalline ribbon width:ribbon width 5 - 60mm


Width of nano-crystalline ribbon
Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
5 28~35
8 28~35
10 28~35
15 28~35
20 28~35
25 28~35
30 28~35
35 28~35
40 28~35
45 28~35
50 28~35
60 28~35

Permeability at different frequenciesInductance permeability

  • Inductance loss curve and the data table at different frequencies

Inductance loss curve and the data table at different frequencies: Typical Characteristic

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