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Electric Current Transformer Core With Aluminum Case

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As we all know, the higher the magnetic permeability of the current transformer core, the smaller the measurement error and the higher the measurement accuracy. The silicon steel current transformer core cannot obtain sufficient measurement accuracy in the case of low ampere-turn with small turns ratio. Iron-nickel permalloy cores have low magnetization and high cost, so their applications are limited. Nanocrystalline magnetic cores are more and more widely used in power supply systems, power measurement and control systems and other fields because of their high magnetic permeability, high magnetization and low cost, and are used in precision precious current transformers.

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High Permeability & High Saturation induction Bs - Increase Current Transformer’s accuracy, leavel, smaller volume & High Linearity. Good Temperature stability -- Keep stable from -55℃ to 120℃ for long time.

Performance Index

Item Performance
Saturation Induction Bs(T) 1.25
Curie Temperature Tc(℃) 570
Crystalline Temperature Tx(℃) 500
Hardness Hv 800
Initial Permeability (μ0) >12X104
Saturation Magnetostriction 2.0X10-6
Density (g/cm3) 7.2
Resistance Ratio (μΩ.cm) 130
Thickness(μm) 28~35
Stacking factor ≥0.75


Part No. Core dimension Finished dimention Note
JJ26001 260 200 25 265 195 30
JJ25501 255 205 25 260 200 30
JJ27001 270 200 30 275 195 35
JJ30001 300 270 10 305 265 15
JJ32501 325 260 10 330 255 15
JJ22001 220 125 15 225 120 20
JJ27001 270 200 110 275 195 115

Note: The iron core is circular, rectangular, runway type, etc., which can be made according to customer specifications.
Protective box material for PBT, PA66, DMC, cast aluminum, stainless steel, resin coating.

1.Our company from the raw material processing to finished products are completed independently.
2.At present, the company produces 3000 kinds of Ultra-microcrystalline iron core.
3.The specifications of the core produced by the company is from minimum size 10mm to the maximum size of 1300mm. We are in a position to accept orders against customers samples specifying design, specifications and packaging requirements.
4.Our company has stronger technical strength and ability to research and develop new products than other competitors in the same industry.
5.Our company can design the corresponding iron core if the customer put forward technical requirements such as mutual inductor.
6.Our company has its own brand.

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