single cores for DC Immunity Current

Short Description:

Unique patent hold, DC current immunity composite cores with amorphous
And nanocrystalline cores together.
Strong immunity for DC current
Applicable Current range 1.5-200A
Good temperature stability
With competitive price and good quality

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Magnetic core structure features:
It consists of single constant permeability material , Magnetic permeability μ= 1400-2000.

Core performance characteristics:
Strong ability resistance to DC. High linearity, High precision, applicable grade range 1.0 class, applicable current range 1.5-200A. Excellent high and low temperature characteristics. Small volume, It has good precision under inductive capacitive load.


DC current immunity transformers in electronic energy meter / watt-hour meter

Metering transformer in electronic power system

Standard cores dimensions, Applicable CT accuracy , Maximal DC current immunity


Part No.Core dimensionsFinished DimensionsCT accuracy
1Φ14×20×10Φ12.1×22.5× class
2Φ16×21×10Φ14.0×24.7× class
3Φ17×22×10Φ15.3×24.4× class
4Φ17×24×8Φ15.3×26.3× class
5Φ18.5×24.5×6.5Φ16.5×26.5× class
6Φ21×29.5×5Φ19×31.5×70.50.1 class
7Φ25×32×6.5Φ22×34× class
8Φ30×40×8Φ27×42× class

Notice: For your reference, the standard parameters above may vary according to your specifically designed turns and coil diameter of the transformer. We could design and manufacture the suitable cores according to your exact requirement.

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