Company Culture

Zhejiang Jingjing New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented company, develops the market, pays attention to innovation and creation, keeps improving, provides the best quality products to our customers, and creates our value with professional ideas.

Innovation: Production technology is the primary productive force, the courage to technological innovation, dare to think and do.

Enterprising: Ambition does not seek easy. Things do not take refuge in the face of difficulties and do not forget the original intention.

Integrity: Keep your promise and keep your word.

Win-win: Delivery to customers cost-effective high quality products, mutual benefit and common development

Zhejiang jingjing new material technology CO., ltd. is a professional engaged in nano-crystal Research and development, prouction and sales of metal soft magnetic (ferro-based amorphous, iron-based nanocrystalline, iron-based nanocrystalline, ferro-nickel alloy, other soft magnetic alloy) research and development,manufacturing, sales as one of the enterprises. The products are mainly used in high frequency transformer for medical equipment, inverter for new energy, rail transit power supply, charging pile, pure electric vehicle, other high-frequency power transformer, instrument precision measurement transformer, hall sensor, intelligent remote meter filter inductance for anti-electromagnetic interference, etc With a group of professional engineers and strong manufacturing ability with rich application development experience, we can provide customers with professional technical support and service.


Our Team

Zhejiang crystal pure new material technology co., LTD. Is a production, research and development of nanocrystalline strip and various kinds of transformer manufacturers, the company to make excellent product performance, in the fierce market competition and keep the advantage, forming its own technical team, the team from hangzhou university of electronic science and technology, led by Dr Chen Huipeng core technology team members Shao Huifeng, wen-xin li are Dr, professor, Focus on the research and development of nanocrystalline strip and its affiliated products.