Application and market prospect of nanocrystalline alloy materials


Nanocrystalline mainly refers to iron, silicon, boron, niobium and a small amount of copper and other elements formed by rapid cooling process after amorphous alloy, and then through highly controlled annealing technology, the formation of nano-scale microcrystal and amorphous mixed structure of the material, the grain size is only 10~20 nanometers. It meets the needs of high frequency, high current, miniaturization and energy saving of current electronic products. It can replace silicon steel, permalloy and ferrite, and is widely used in electric power and electronic products. And, in terms of its preparation technology is completely different from the traditional metallurgical technology, made of amorphous thin liquid steel step belt, eliminating the traditional metallurgical technology of casting, forging, intermediate annealing, rolling process, saves a large amount of energy, and no pollutants, amorphous alloy is regarded as environmental protection, energy saving and efficient new green materials.

Nanocrystalline is benefited from its high saturation magnetic induction strength, high permeability, high Curie temperature, low coercivity, low loss and good stability, high strength and wear resistance and other excellent material characteristics, as the metal soft magnetic materials have the best performance ratio of nanocrystalline alloy materials. In the pursuit of miniaturization, lightweight, complex temperature scenarios, has obvious advantage, can be used in the new energy automotive, consumer electronics, new energy, household appliances and particle accelerators, and other fields, especially in recent years the nanocrystalline alloy materials in the field of emerging industry wireless charging module and gradually promote the application of new energy vehicles, such as motor, Nanocrystalline alloy materials ushered in a broad market space.

At present, among the global magnetic materials, the market space of soft magnetic materials alone reaches 200 billion yuan. In the overseas market where the power is more vigorous, the procurement of amorphous alloy transformers shows an overall increasing trend. Amorphous transformers have been widely used and developed in many countries. Regionally, Asia Pacific has become the largest regional market for distribution transformers globally, driven by the region's transmission and distribution infrastructure, increased industrial investment, and the replacement of aging distribution facilities.

Post time:Aug-15-2022

Post time: 08-15-2022
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