Selected as the leading entrepreneurial team of “South Taihu Elite Program” in Huzhou City


Recently, Huzhou 2022 "South Taihu Elite Program" leading entrepreneurial team and innovation leading talent selection list was announced, our company's Dr. Chen Huipeng team declared the "preparation process and industrialization of high performance nanocrystalline alloy strip" was selected.

"South Taihu Elite Program" focuses on the development of biomedicine, environmental protection, energy conservation, electronic information, new materials and other industrial communities, vigorously introduces domestic and foreign innovation teams, and specially establishes a policy system with "financial support + policy support + guidance and incentive" as the main content to encourage enterprises to innovate and start businesses.

In order to meet this requirement, our company cooperated with universities, successfully introduced talents, and studied the "preparation process and industrialization of high performance nanocrystalline alloy strip" to participate in the selection. Online cloud defense was used in the primary election of this activity, and a total of 224 overseas talent projects from 15 countries and regions were applied for. After layers of screening, the company was successfully shortlisted. In the final, the on-site defense was adopted. Dr. Chen Huipeng of our company won the unanimous recognition of the judges by virtue of the high performance, high innovation, high value and high quality of the defense of nanocrystals, and was recognized as the leading entrepreneurial echelon and awarded.

The team based on the multidisciplinary design optimization method to design the "pressure" type single package roll the optimal spraying process, take the initiative to "create" quasi potential energy surface method to precise control of silicon Quito subatomic structure, realization of nanocrystalline alloy composition is independently controlled design, through digital modeling technology makes the series of nanocrystalline copper auxiliary core of soft magnetic composite performance achieves the industry leading level. And apply for the enterprise energy saving efficiency to provide a powerful help.

Post time:Aug-15-2022

Post time: 08-15-2022
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