Add wings to innovation and promote the upgrade and development of nanocrystalline soft magnetic

Zhejiang Jingjing New Material Technology Co., Ltd. aims to develop nanocrystalline new materials and preparation process with complete intellectual property rights. Nanocrystalline alloy is the metal soft magnetic material with the best comprehensive performance today. It has excellent characteristics such as high saturation magnetic induction strength, high permeability, low loss, high strength and wear resistance. As THE nanocrystallINE ALLOY MATERIAL WITH the best performance and price ratio among metal soft magnetic materials, it can replace silicon steel, permalloy and FERRite to become the ideal material for medium and high frequency transformers, transformers and inductors. However, in the production process, the composition of nanocrystal alloy is uncontrollable and the continuity of the strip is unstable. In order to solve these problems, we signed a cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Dianzi University on March 26 and established a doctoral team headed by Dr. Chen Huipeng and with Dr. Shao Huifeng and Dr. Li Wenxin as the core. Focus on the research and development of nanocrystalline new materials and derivative products with complete intellectual property rights and advantages of preparation and double energy saving, improve the power transmission efficiency of products, better broaden the application channels of products, so that they are more widely used in power electronics, new energy vehicles, smart grid, information communication and other strategic emerging industries. And successfully applied for two national patents, the team was also successfully selected into the "South Taihu Elite Program" of Huzhou City and won the title of leading entrepreneurial team and awards.


Product technology is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Our company will rely on the strong scientific research strength of the team to innovate nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials, upgrade and optimize the product formula, improve the preparation process of spray belt, core degradation process, etc., to help the development of enterprises, energy saving and efficiency improvement for enterprises.

Post time:Aug-15-2022

Post time: 08-15-2022
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