Anti-theft magnetic strip

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An anti-theft magnetic strip is a security feature used in retail stores to prevent shoplifting.  The strip is attached to the merchandise and contains a magnet that sets off an alarm if it passes through a detection system at the store’s exit without being properly deactivated.  The strip helps deter theft by making it difficult for shoplifters to remove merchandise without triggering the alarm.  It is often used in conjunction with other security measures, such as surveillance cameras and security personnel.

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    Amorphous magnetic stripe (label) is currently the world’s concealed label. Cut into different lengths for different books, goods to play an anti-theft role. It is the cheapest label in the world at present, which can reduce the operating cost of users.
    Complete specifications to meet different needs.
    Size: 5cm-16cm
    The materials are iron based and cobalt based.

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